May 22, 2023

May 22 2023 - People who rely on "fact-checkers"

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Episode Transcript

The problem with being 80 years old is having seen something - and then being told by fact checkers it didn’t actually occur. Last week a smart young man whom I really like contradicted me by posting an article by Politifact who was written by somebody 50 years younger than I, who wasn’t there, and is deeply influenced by the deep state and George Soros. A few years ago I agreed to do an interview on Idi Amin. After the interview I was told that it would not be aired because the fact Checkers said that Idi Amin did not commit acts of barbarism against Christians that Ugandan saw him do. I think my real fear is that when my generation dies off, all the next generation will have are fact checkers. And just like 1984’s Ministry of Truth, history will be rewritten. In fact, it’s being rewritten right now.

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