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I’m George Caylor

The Founder and the Host of Tea With George. I am a 78-year-old Constitutional activist and business owner.  I believe God gave us a fabulous country.

But many Patriots have forgotten the tools God gave us to preserve America. With this podcast, I aim to give my fellow countrymen eye-opening and enjoyable insights in just 1 minute. Each message is based on my love for Christ and love for the Country where my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids will spend their lives.

I want to empower Americans to fight for our freedom that’s slowly being taken away from us. We must defend the Judeo-Christian culture our Founders gave us.
Get the greatest ideas and tools to combat and defend our beautiful Nation in my Podcast “Tea with George.”

Early Life and Career

I was born and raised on a dairy farm near Punxsutawney, PA.
My dad Glenn (now age 97) was a dairy farmer and my mother Eleanor
(now age 95) a teacher and author.

They still live on the farm and are still a lot of fun!

One of seven

I’m one of seven children in the Caylor family. My great-great grandfather Andrew Caylor cleared the land in 1837, and Caylor’s have been there since. There is so much family history tied to that
wonderful old place. My six brothers and sisters grew up with me. The best part of this is that WE ALL GREW UP!

You see, farming is the most hazardous profession in America and too many farmers have attended funeral services for family members.

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I graduated from Clarion State University and taught 9th and 11th grade English. I was an idealistic 22 year-old who participated in civil rights demonstrations.

When I taught English back in the 60’s, one of my brightest students had a disagreement with me, and later flunked a true-false test with a score of zero correct. My first reaction was one of disbelief. It then struck me that he had to have known the answers to get zero. He had a greater need to flunk the test than his need to make a high score.

I wasn’t a student of history, but if I had been, I would have reflected on the past 200 years of world history, and would have wondered how our leaders over the past 50 years could have so badly flunked the “true-false”‘ test again and again.

Is there really such a thing as Conspiratorial History? Did things just go terribly wrong, or is there a plan? Why are families breaking up?
Why has public education fallen on such hard times with scores at an all time low and expenses at an all time high? Why was God removed from the public square? Why are we allowed to kill our pre-born children?
Why are we giving our worst enemies our best military secrets’?
Why are America’s weaker opponents gaining such ground, such as China’s takeover of our Canal in Panama? You are probably thinking of many additional “Why’s?”

I left teaching and joined a touring and recording rock band. We performed for six years. I haven’t given an interview about my rock and roll touring days since 1990. Reporters always ask about the circumstances of the deaths of five of our members. But our music was about life, not death. It was about love, dancing, and good times. The music is the band’s memorial.

European work and
returning to America

After my rock and roll touring days ended in 1972, I became a life insurance agent and investment representative. In 1981 I established a company in Heidelberg, Germany. There, I first learned the problems
with Islam.

After my rock and roll touring days ended in 1972, I became a life insurance agent and investment representative. In 1981 I established a company in Heidelberg, Germany. There, I first learned the problems with Islam.

Bin Laden and his fellow terrorists say they use the Koran as their guide. And they do. When I lived in Europe, Aheem, a Moslem
employee in London, stole a substantial sum of money from me. I had paid him well and he had no reason to steal. After I discovered the
theft, I had him arrested, and asked him the obvious question –

Aheem: “Because you are an infidel and I can take your possessions or your life!”
George: “That is a complete distortion of Islam!”
Aheem: “Read this!”

I read the Koran passage to which he referred, and sure enough, he had ‘legally’ robbed me! I then told Aheem that according to the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament, we can ‘legally’ kill homosexuals, adulterers and even our rebellious children. I told him that no civilized person would consider such a thing and Jesus had taught us to bring these sinners to redemption. Aheem told me that in his home country, they gladly kill all the aforementioned offenders.

I left the jail depressed with the situation. It seemed that some people would seek out whatever it took to justify whatever they wanted to do.

George standing in front of Caylor Group wealth management

After the European work came to a successful conclusion, I came back to America to develop clients in Virginia and it has also been very successful.  I love my clients and they love me back. Three years ago I took on some proteges and we formed a financial planning group in Lynchburg, VA.

For the past forty years I have been a world traveler. My world travels have helped me develop my views on International Politics.

Germans are good planners and engineers. One time I was repairing my bicycle with a piece of wire and a passing German said “Das ist nicht die Deutche weg!” (That is not the German way!) I turned to him and said “It’s good enough!” He said “That’s American for you. Good enough! Good enough!” (Germans also like to interfere when they see a bad repair job!)

I admire so many aspects of Germany. You’ll hardly ever see a run-down house, or a piece of litter on the ground. The roads are fast and almost accident free. The forests are full of beautiful trees and abundant game. The deer just keep getting bigger and better, because Germany does not allow hunting before the deer’s breeding season. Even after breeding season, many of the best bucks are off limits.
Here I am, duck-hunting.

Germany’s churches are beautiful – and empty. Although there are small evangelical churches where the Bible is taught and the pews are full, the mainline state-approved and state-funded churches are almost devoid of worshipers. No wonder our Founding Fathers don’t want the government to interfere with religion!

In 1999, I decided to use my life’s experiences in political, social and philosophical commentary. As I studied the issues, I grew sorry for people who still clung to discredited beliefs.

Secular Progressives need someone to blame, but the following apologies have little hope that their worldview will improve.

Apologies from a Judeo-
Christian mind set

For nearly 4,000 years, Secular Progressives have done their best to destroy God’s revealed Word, only to see it grow stronger.

If sales of the Bible were included in the New York
Times “Bestseller List”, it would always be number
one, month-in, month-out.

So I apologize for not buying any other book in sufficient quantity.

I apologize for not sending any money to Secular Progressive ministers who preach the “many paths to God” and humanism. Life could have been so much simpler had their secular churches not dwindled and faded away from lack of enthusiasm. Believers and seekers went elsewhere while agnostics discovered they could sit at home and disbelieve more comfortably.

I apologize to folks who still cling to the notion that evolution is true, and that they, and all there is, happened by random chance. Try as I may, I can find no logic in their equation
“Nothing X Nobody = EVERYTHING.”

I apologize for not knowing enough to refute the evidence for Creation, nor clever enough to support the theory of evolution. Knowing what I do about computers and software programs, I know my computer cannot write the 4,000,000,000 byte program for the DNA molecule, no matter how much time I give it. I don’t believe pond scum could write the program either.

I apologize for not having enough faith to believe that it can.

George Caylor with his guitars

I apologize for being a heterosexual who loves his wife. While gays may live their lives as they wish, I find nothing in the Constitution giving them (or me) special rights others don’t have.

I apologize for believing that life is special and sacred. This belief keeps me from approving the killing of our very old and our very young. Euthanasia and abortion-on-demand are popular with Secular Progressives, but I just can’t seem to warm up to the idea.

I apologize for understanding the evil of the United Nations. When I was a schoolboy during the 50’s, I was taught to revere the institution of the United Nations, and the noble principles for which it stood. After all, who could disagree with “the world’s last great Hope”? Then a short while back I listened to an invocation where a friend thanked God for the 60th year anniversary of United Nations. I sat there wondering what God thought about a prayer of thanks for allowing some His worst enemies to have their own organization.

The United States was recently thrown off, and then reinstated, to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. We should not be on any UN commissions. Sudan, China and other countries that still practice slavery and other gross assaults against humanity remain on the UN Human Rights Commission. Following this to its logical conclusion, serial murderer Ted Bundy should be appointed as a co-ed dormitory den mother.

Those are some of my observations from 69 years on earth.

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