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Keeping up with the political news can feel like a full-time job.It’s easy to miss details and facts in our fast-paced lives.Tea With George creates space for complex and nuanced political conversations in just 1 minute.

Fact-based perspectives and not partisan opinions

Political stories that leave you empowered and not overwhelmed.

Truly objective political reporting while leaving opinions and conclusions to the listeners.

Perfect for listening with a fresh cup of tea at 10 a.m. from Monday to Friday

Why sponsor our Podcast

Podcast sponsorships are a great way to connect your product or service with your ideal clients. This form of paid ads can be highly effective because, unlike radio or TV commercials, podcast listeners are hearing the message directly from a host they like, know and trust.

Having our host, George, promote your product or service means listeners immediately establish a higher level of trust with your business, increasing the odds they’ll take action.

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Sponsorship Details

You can Sponsor an entire season, a single episode or anything in between! There are a few Sponsorship visibilities available.

4 Types of Event Sponsorships:

  1. Financial Sponsorship
  2. In-Kind Sponsorship.
  3. Media Event Sponsorship.
  4. Promotional Partners.

There are two ways to help support Financial Sponsorship. Financial Sponsorship can be either ad related or In-Kind Sponsorship, just the fact that you enjoy Tea With Gorge and want to support this podcast.


In-kind Sponsorship

$5 a month or $55 a year


Financial Sponsorship - Paid Ads (see below)

Pre Roll

Mid Roll

Post Roll

  • Two 30 seconds mentions (per episode) for your company by the host
  • Mention includes verbiage provided by you that highlights your company & brand, targeting your ideal audience.
  • Promotion of your company on all of Tea With George’s social media platforms and a dedicated backlink on our website.
We do not allow more than 2 Ads in our show. Standard ads are 60 Seconds, this can also be reduced to 30 seconds.

Cost Per Thousand Downloads (CPM) (1000)

$15 for Pre Roll

$25 for Mid Roll

$15 for Post Roll

Media Event Sponsorship

If you want to sponsor an upcoming media event for the Tea with George Podcast, we would be happy to discuss a sponsorship package that is tailored specifically for your business or organization. We can provide branding and publicity space at the event, as well as distribution of materials before, during, and after the show. Let us know if you have any questions!

Promotional Partners

If you're looking for a promotional partner to help promote your podcast, look no further than Tea With George. We're passionate and we know how important it is to get the word out there. We'll work with you to create unique content that promotes your show and gets people talking.

In addition, our team of marketing professionals will help you target your audience and reach new listeners who may be interested in what you have to say.

For More information and securing your spot today email us at sponsor@teawithgeorge.com