February 1, 2024

Feb 01 2024 - Voting for poverty and misery

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Episode Transcript

In the Ultra Blue State of Oregon, 20 Republicans have just been told that they can’t run for reelection. So there will be even more Democrats running things. And how do Democrats run things? Let’s look at a few blue areas. Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco is worth over $100 million. Pretty good on a congresswoman’s salary. Maxine Waters, over $10 million. Squad member Corey Bush, $10 million. And she’s being investigated for fraud. Have you ever wondered why the impoverished people in the Ultra Blue areas keep voting for Democrats who keep their constituents in poverty?! Decades in poverty, and decades of voting Democrat. Is that not the very definition of “insanity?” Certified Social Security Advisors. don’t make your most important decision for your retirement years without professional advice! Call 434-455-7197.

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