February 2, 2024

Feb 02 2024 - Our worst enemies on our soil funded by us!

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Episode Transcript

United Nations are our worst enemies.  On our soil, supported by our taxes. But how far does that go. For the United Nations, it’s supplying the traveling money for the illegal immigrants coming into America. So we’re not only being taxed by the cost of the illegals, but we’re paying for them to get here! And by the way, a lot of child trafficking and fentanyl death included in that wonderful United Nations’ gift to America. Did you see last week that the terrorist attack in Israel had a lot of United Nations people taking part in the terror attack?  It’s so nice to see the sweet United Nations people kidnapping and killing shoes in Israel! We need to get United Nations off our soil, and we need to stop funding them. Let them do it for free! Certified Social Security Advisors. Don’t make your most important decision for your retirement years without professional advice! Call 434-455-7197

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