February 3, 2024

Feb 03 2024 - Bombing empty warehouses

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Episode Transcript

So now we have President Biden ordering the bombing of the terrorists who did bad things to us. But he’s bombing empty warehouses AFTER we’ve warned terrorists that the bombers were coming, and would be destroying those empty warehouses. Reminds me of Clinton back in the 1990s bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. I was told by a naval intelligence officer he was kept out of the loop as the bombers took off and bombed the Chinese embassy - after the personnel were warned to get out of there. That was during the Rohrbacher Hearings. Clinton was about to be impeached on selling secrets to the Chinese. But instead, we went on our knees to the Chinese, begging forgiveness for bombing their embassy. Certified Social Security Advisors. Don’t make your most important decision for your retirement years without professional advice! Call 434-455-7197

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