February 4, 2024

Feb 04 2024 - Let's put Christians on School Boards!

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Episode Transcript

Last week I attended the Noah Webster Educational Foundation planning meeting. I talked to school board members from around the nation. One of the main goals of the organization is putting Christians on school boards so that the woke and disastrous destructive policies that have crept into our education can be removed, and our kids can get on a path again towards success and happiness. One of the common concerns was how powerful the LGBTQ movement is, especially transgenders. About ½ of 1% of the population are actually transgender, but their power would indicate they are about 70% of the population! It’s because they stay together in promoting their evil, and we don’t stay together in promoting good - and the welfare of our children. Sponsored by the Caylor Group Wealth management in Lynchburg VA. Call 434-455-7197.

This episode has not been transcribed yet.