February 10, 2024

Feb 10 2024 - Why defend those who hate us?

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Episode Transcript

A friend of mine after returning from Afghanistan said, “Why are we fighting people who will fight us to the death, for their right to beat their women to death?” That’s a pretty good question! The citizens of Afghanistan had 20 years to decide whether they wanted the Taliban, or if they wanted freedom. Seems they wanted the Taliban because they never came along beside us. The value system is different from ours in the West.  Except for our pro-abortion people, life is valuable to us! That’s why we don’t have suicide bombers, and Muslims do. Now the Muslim Houthi terrorists in Yemen are lobbing drones and missiles as ships coming through the Red Sea. And two weeks ago killed three American soldiers who were trying to bring freedom to Muslims in Iraq. Why do we have boots on the ground where our boots are misunderstood - and hated. Sponsored by the Caylor Group Wealth Management in Lynchburg VA. Call 434-455-7197

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