May 5, 2024

May 05 2024 - George Soros funding violent campus protests

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Episode Transcript

George Soros has always been, and still is, a master of currency manipulation. In fact, that’s how he made his billions of dollars. And the economies of entire countries were ruined by him. How is he using those billions of dollars? His fingerprint is all over the destruction of America today. For instance, the district attorneys and attorney generals that are prosecuting and persecuting Mr Trump are financed and supported by George Soros. Criminals are getting off free because they’re not being prosecuted by the same attorney generals and district attorneys. And where is the money coming from for these campus protests against Israel? Where else but from anti-Semitic George Soros. In fact his biography includes the money he made by selling his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis. George Soros: on our soil destroying America.  Sponsored by the Caylor Group Wealth Management in Lynchburg VA. Call 434-455-7197.

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