May 9, 2024

May 09 2024 - The world without Jews

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Episode Transcript

“Death to Israel and death to America!” Israel and the international Jewish population have never been in more trouble than they are right now! During the Holocaust, Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That brought about the state of Israel later on. But that was just one country. One evil man who wanted all the Jews dead. And now we’re hearing “Death to Israel!” and “Death to America!” Not just on America’s college campuses, but around the world. Jewish students are being intimidated, sometimes beaten. All of this reminds me of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. As I said, that was just one country. I’ve also read that many of these American students are converting to Islam. Of course they were nothing to begin with, and they’re nothing now. And that doesn’t bother me. But losing the Jewish population of the world would be a disaster. Not just for them, but for all of humanity. Sponsored by the Caylor Group Wealth Management in Lynchburg VA. Call 434-455-7197.

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