May 10, 2024

May 10 2024 - White? Rural? YOU are a violent RACIST!

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Episode Transcript

White? Rural? YOU are a violent RACIST! Did you know that you can legally and officially be labeled as a violent threat to society, just by the color of your skin, and by where you live? The book, "White Rural Rage,” which has been promoted non-stop by MSNBC, called white rural people “a threat to the country.” You are the most racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, anti gay group in the country.  You’re anti science because you denied the now- disproven “facts” about COVID. If you deny that Biden won the election against Trump, you’re probably a Christian-white-nationalist. The FBI is picking up those people who were in Washington January the 6th. So I’m just wondering, “WHEN is the FBI coming to arrest you?  Sponsored by the Caylor Group Wealth Management in Lynchburg VA. call 434-455-7197.

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