May 11, 2024

May 11 2024 - Promoting homosexuality, losing their congregations

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Episode Transcript

About 40 years ago I left the United Methodist Church because I didn’t like the way things are going. Then last month the United Methodist Church overwhelmingly gave its stamp of approval to same-sex marriages. What have they lost in this vote? Methodist Liberian delegate Reverend Jerry Kula of the African Initiative said “Methodists are willing to lose Africans, and Africa, to fulfill this progressive agenda.” And the United Methodist Church has lost millions of Americans members and over 6500 congregations over the last two decades. This will probably be the end of the United Methodist Church as more conservatives who want to follow God leave. Liberals who don’t care about Scripture will stay, and so their vote will be for other things that disagree with Scripture. One has to wonder, “Is promoting gay sex really that important that the United Methodist Church is willing to die for it?”  Sponsored by the Caylor Group Wealth Management in Lynchburg VA. Call 434-455-7197.

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