May 20, 2023

May 20 2023 - WOKE Teachers' Unions

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Episode Transcript

American parents (who can afford it) are checking their kids out of government schools and putting them into private schools.  Don’t say “public schools.” It’s just government school and the problem there is not so much the teachers, but the teacher unions. A money laundering scheme to take the teachers dues, and turn them over to Democrats who are destroying America. The teachers’ union of Oakland is on strike, not so much for more money because they’re making tons of money, not so much for fewer students, because they’ve been losing students like crazy. But for something they called “climate justice.” They’re also demanding reparations for black students.  And the problem there is, ‘can the black students prove that their ancestors were slaves, or perhaps the owned slaves.’ No matter, the teachers are on strike. I remember when teachers’ unions were for better education. That time is long past.

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