November 8, 2023

Nov 08 2023 - White Liberals and their Plantation

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Episode Transcript

If you would like to know what the opposition is thinking, just work in the election polls.  Last Tuesday while I was handing out sample ballots, a black lady walked up to me and said, “You white men are trying to impose your values on black women who want to control their own bodies!” I asked her if she knew who founded Planned Parenthood? I said it was Margaret Sanger, and her mission in her own handwriting is “to rid the world of inferior people, such as Negroes.” The lady just walked away from me. She's stuck on what I call “the white liberal plantation.” Of course the plantation is manned by black overseers who keep minorities in line, and voting for Democrats.  Because Democrats hand out other people’s money, and they’re in favor of special rights for the LGBTQ community, for abortion rights, and did I mention rights to other people’s money.

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