November 9, 2023

Nov 09 2023 - You pay for their oears!

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Episode Transcript

A few years ago I was at my farm in Pennsylvania and there were some pear trees where the pears had gone unpicked for several years. If I lived there they would be picked every year because they were delicious. So I stopped by a local store in the town and I asked the store owner if I could put up a sign, “Free pairs, you pick them, they’re yours.” He said, “Sure, why not.” I said “Will this interfere with your sale of pears? After all, mine are free.” He said, “It won’t interfere at all.” I asked, “Why not?” He said, “three words – YOU PICK THEM! You see, people are going to bring the food stamps in here, and they’re going to get the pears, and you’re the one who has to pick them.” I said “I’m not going to pick those pears!” He said, “You already did when you paid taxes. Those taxes are going to buy the pears for those who don’t want to pick their own pears.” Sometimes I could cry!

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