November 10, 2023

Nov 10 2023 - The Police States of America

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Episode Transcript

Dinesh D’souza, a movie maker, came out with a new movie “Police State” and it is about how the police, mainly the FBI, are simply ignoring the constitution and our Bill of Rights and terrorizing law abiding citizens, One of them was a man who was in Washington DC on January the 6th 2021. He could prove he was there on business had nothing to do with the protest. However, the police attacked him he had a stroke. He’s still not recovered. On the news last night was another manm Gregory Yetman, who had already been interviewed, He is now being sought with automatic rifles, police dogs, and armored vehicles. They decided he was an insurrectionist and went after him with intent to kill. He tried to save his life by turning himself in. What has become of this country?  Ad: Do you have a parent who has an interesting life story? Let’s do a legacy video and preserve that life story for future generations. Call 434-455-7197

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