November 11, 2023

Nov 11 2023 - All 40,000 hours of Jan 6 to be released!

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Episode Transcript

Every lawyer knows that when either the prosecution or the defense is against evidence being released, the evidence is indeed important. Tucker Carlson was fired because he released one video. Do you remember the Viking Guy? The January 6 Committee called him a “violent terrorist,” and then the video was released. He was anything but!  So the Viking guy was released. And now the new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson says he’s going to release all the video. It’s going to be out on the Internet, and whoever wants can look at all 40,000 hours. But I think a lot of Internet sleuths are going to find the videos of their friends and family who have been illegally imprisoned.  And the video will prove their innocence. Thank you so much - our new Speaker of the house Mike Johnson!

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