November 12, 2023

Nov 12 2023 - For Patriots, freedom of speech is dead.

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Episode Transcript

’m looking at two memes that were pushed on Facebook back in 2016. Both of them say the same thing, but for different candidates. The Democrat meme is, “You don’t need to go to the polls to vote for Donald Trump. Texting your vote is legal! So text your vote to” and then the telephone number. There is also one by a Republican Douglas Mackie who said, “text your vote to Hillary Clinton,” and he gave a telephone number. Douglas Mackie, the Republican, is in jail. The Democrat who posted the exact same thing is free. You see, there’s one law for Democrats, a different law for Republicans. And free speech is it free anymore. It’ll cost you jail time, especially if you were one of the protesters on January the 6th 2021.

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