November 16, 2023

Nov 16 2023 - You must not say "Christmas!"

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Episode Transcript

I’m looking at a photograph of a baby who’s looking at some plush toys under a Christmas tree, and it says, “Baby’s first holiday.” I wonder what holiday that would be? If the baby wasn’t born just before Christmas, maybe it’s Thanksgiving? Or Labor Day? Why is our culture is trying to rid the world of the word “Christmas?” Maybe it’s because “Christ” is in the word “Christmas” which means “Christ’s Mass?” My wife received a “Holiday” catalog and she wrote to the company. “Sorry I don’t patronize those who refuse to use the word ‘Christmas’ on their promotional materials. If you’re presenting your product for Christmas gifts, say so. If not, I hope you make lots of money from your Hanukkah and the Kwanzaa shoppers.

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