November 17, 2023

Nov 17 2023 - Democrats hiding their homeless

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Episode Transcript

Governor Newsom, a Democrat in California, is moving all the transients and homeless to the other side of the tracks. Out of sight out of mind. And he’s finally cleaning up the city. Why? Because evil tyrants from China are in San Francisco where they’re stepping all over “Mr. Mumbles.” (That is our President Joe Biden) for a few days. I’ve got a question. I thought the California Marxists were all about equity and inclusion. And the homeless and the dope addicts have every right to live where they want. Oh yeah, except when international despots come to town. How much do you want to bet that Los Angeles will do the same thing for the 2028 Olympics? Seems Democrats don’t mind the homeless pooping on their streets - unless foreigners are visiting.

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