November 19, 2023

Nov 19 2023 - Soros VS Trump and America

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Episode Transcript

Atheist, Socialist, Anti-American George Soros ran Letitia James for District Attorney in New York. Her campaign platform was, “I will get Trump no matter what.” And she did. Trump was indicted for “Overstating the value of his business” so that he could get a favorable loan. Judge Arthur Engeron (who likes to pose naked on the internet) said before the case began that “Trump is guilty.” Obviously they’re not business people! It says on the loan application that Trump’s value of the business was HIS estimation, and the BANKS had to do their own assessment. Well, the loans were repaid with interest, the banks made lots of money, and no crimes were committed. Except by those who truly hate Trump and hate the American Constitution as well.

This episode has not been transcribed yet.