November 23, 2023

Nov 23 2023 - Biden and his ally Iran

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Episode Transcript

What is the exact definition of “treason?” It’s “abetting and aiding an enemy in time of war.” Iran has proven to be our enemy - as well as the enemy of Israel. So who’s been aiding and abetting them? Our president, Joe Biden! Not only did he give them $6 billion, which enabled Iran to fund terrorists throughout the world. But he also is buying more oil from them than ever before. In fact, 80% more coil than Trump bought. What is Iran doing with that money? They’re sending it to the terrorists in Yemen. They’re sending it to Hamas. They’re sending it to Hezbollah. And of course the common people in Iran are suffering. They don’t see the value of the riches the Biden is bestowing upon Iran. Just like the common man in America is suffering under Bidennomics.

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