November 25, 2023

Nov 25 2023 - Freedom of Self-Defence under assault

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Episode Transcript

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” As a constitutional scholar, I really get tired of the same question again and again, but I have to remember that answering that same question it’s just one of the aspects of “eternal vigilance.” In this case, “is the 2nd Amendment applied to semi-automatic weapons?” Well, we know it’s a slippery slope, and semi-automatic weapons will turn into “Is it legal to own a pistol, or a rifle, or a shotgun, or anything?” The Second Amendment puts no limitations whatsoever on how MANY guns you can own,, or what KIND of guns you can own. And every group that’s ever been targeted for genocide has always been disarmed FIRST. You can’t tyrannize an armed public. The Second Amendment is under assault because FREEDOM is under assault!

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