Sgt. Alice in Wonderland

Sgt. Alice in Wonderland

Have you read Lewis Carroll’s delightful story “Alice in Wonderland”? If not, I’ll bet that you at least saw the Disney cartoon version. In Wonderland, everything was backwards. Up was down, wet was dry, insanity was sanity. And after Alice had been in Wonderland for a while, she almost came to believe that Wonderland was reality.

Most adult Americans feel the same as Alice lately. According to mainline media, right is wrong, evil is good, perversity is normal, and dishonesty is admirable.  

Let’s look at our Armed Forces.  

The original intent of our Army, Airforce, Navy and Marines was to deter enemies from attacking us, and defeating those who dared. Over the past decade, our institutions of defense have become experiments in social engineering. We have put women into combat roles, men into the unenviable job of protecting women in basic training, funded witchcraft on Army bases, and taken the name of Jesus out of chaplains’ sermons. We’re paying for “gender transition surgeries” and we’ve destroyed the careers of servicemen who refuse to be jabbed with an experimental vaccine. In other words, defending America is no longer the mission.

West Point honor graduate Lt. Ryan Berry asked to be excused from duties that involved spending 48 hours alone in a missile silo with a woman. That silo had one bed, total isolation, and for Lt. Berry, sexual temptation.  

You see, Lt. Berry is a practicing Christian, happily married, and concerned about the appearance of being alone with a female for long periods of time. He simply asked that he serve with another man instead.  His chaplain backed his request. Rather than honor his request, the Air Force gave Lt. Berry a letter of reprimand that destroyed his career.

Fort Hood has seen the training of thousands of American soldiers.  Over the past 20 years, the training has been a bit different. The Wiccans have established a base of operations at Fort Hood where they conduct worship services with their tax-payer funded Warlock chaplain. At the same time, Christian chaplains were directed to make their sermons inclusive by omitting the name of Jesus from their sermons.

If I had sons who wanted to serve America in the Army, I would discourage it. It seems illogical for Christians to allow an army to send their children into combat after attending a witchcraft worship service.